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Chelsea Doyscher, LPC-MHSP (she/her)

Chelsea treats clients ages 12+. Her specialities include:

LGBTQ+ Affirming Care

Relationship Issues

Eating Disorders & Disordered Eating

Body Image

Depression & Anxiety


Chelsea Doyscher
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“There is no greater joy than helping a client identify their unique value system and watching them do the brave and life-changing work of living those out authentically. It is such an honor to hold space for that in the therapy office."

Meet Chelsea

Chelsea received her Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Belmont University and her Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Lipscomb University. Prior to building True North Counseling, Chelsea worked for The Renfrew Center in various roles over 6 years – Therapist, Clinical Program Manager, and ultimately Site Director of the Tennessee site. Chelsea assisted the organization in developing programming specific to the LGBTQ+ population and has spoken at various conferences about eating disorders, body image, and overcoming anti-fat bias in healthcare settings.

In addition to her passion for healing eating disorders and negative body image, Chelsea loves working with individuals on relationship concerns, helping them to improve communication, set boundaries, and feel fulfilled in their relationships. Her biggest passion is working with the LGBTQ+ community regarding religious abuse and spiritual reconciliation. As a fully affirming Christian, she recognizes the damage that the Church has done to its LGBTQ+ siblings and provides a safe space for those struggling at the hands of religion in their deconstruction and trauma healing process.

Chelsea’s favorite thing about being a therapist is helping people identify their value system and watching them live it out authentically in their lives. If she wasn’t a therapist, she’d probably be a florist or some other crafty small business owner. Her free time is spent chasing her toddler around the park, sipping coffee while porch sitting, and catching up on reading for book club (sorry, team… I’ll get there one day!)

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